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late to the game

Comments: 0 - Date: February 20th, 2008 - Categories: music, things i say

i hope to be living proof that it is never too late to start listening to (unordered excerpt of much longer list):

  • mogwai
  • beta band
  • tom waits
  • frank zappa
  • aimee mann
  • that side project of your favorite band that you never got around to following up on


Comments: 0 - Date: February 20th, 2008 - Categories: things i say

as far as i can tell, southern california is the mecca of personalized license plates. these two tied as my number-one-favorite:

  • “cptalst” on a new fancy german convertable
  • “mdlfe cx” on a very, very yellow souped-up pickup truck

i guess that they know the “it’s funny because it’s true” cliche is now, well, cliche. and, apparently, they are ok with that.

mainlining bad hotel coffee

Comments: 0 - Date: January 13th, 2008 - Categories: things i say

must have used up all of my travel karma, because yesterday’s trip from new york to san diego could have gone much smoother. first of all, who doesn’t even give a bag of peanuts or pretzels on a 6 hour flight? (american airlines, that’s who) that’s longer than the flight to heathrow, people. my bag almost didn’t make it on my flight, since american airlines hid all of their self-check-in kiosks in the back when they closed terminal 9 at jfk and squeezed everything into terminal 8, so i stood in the ticketing line for 40 minutes just to check in with my e-ticket and check one bag. fortunately my bag ended up on my plane, because my plane ended up landing at lax due to fog or some such nonsense, so i ended up on a bus to the san diego airport for over two hours with an overly chipper driver who liked his perky music LOUD and a bunch of passengers who thought that this would be the perfect time to carry on conversations with their friends at the other end of the bus (low blood sugar + jetlag = grrrrr…). fortunately, my seat mate was a nice quiet young woman reading “getting things done” who in no way interfered with my struggle between passing out and exploding in a frustrated rage. in the end, tom waits saved the day (doesn’t he always?).

so here’s how jetlag is setting in today: while watching the sunday morning news magazine shows, a cadillac commercial came on that uses hum’s “stars” (from ‘you’d prefer an astronaut,’ the album that gave me the tattoo on my left arm), so i wikipedia’ed hum, started looking at side projects, and ended up raiding the iTunes music store and the amazon .mp3 store for all of the drm-free national skyline that i could find. not exactly how that commercial was supposed to work, but my neural pathways grabbed on to the “buy something” message and ran with it.

god i would kill for a good cup of coffee right now.

and we’ll take a right good-will draught

Comments: 0 - Date: January 2nd, 2008 - Categories: things i say

new years at the west bank cafe: once d and em hounded me into leaving the apartment, i slid through the insanity of times square with the blindest of luck and got to the bar just in time for the tail end of “trivia with ken!” against the other end of the bar. i donned my obligatory funny hat with e and cory just in time for our team to win the chicken of knowledge. word.

d and i finally exchanged christmas presents last night: he got me a new ipod, since my ancient one is dying slowly. i teared up a little bit: it was such a thoughtful thing for him to do, both as my (frequent) boss, and as my friend. so, yeah, not only do i love my job, but the guy who hires me more than anyone else is pretty fantastic guy: lucky doesn’t even really begin to say it.

the rest of the evening gets lost in bourbon, champagne, amazing desserts, and buck slice pizza, ending in a ridiculously over-priced car service ride home. i do remember being grumpy about carson daly stealing air time from dick clark, and then really getting mad when they didn’t play “auld lang syne” at midnight, but everything else was warm and fuzzy, i believe.

so, a toast to aught eight: may it treat us as well as we treat it.


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“we may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.” – magnolia

suppose a voice from the past pops up completely out of the blue. someone you’ve, in one way or another, tried to avoid, get over, and come to peace with for, oh, say, five years. and yet, the nausea is somehow balanced with intense curiosity. you’re asked to get together for drinks and catching up.

and, oh, yeah: the whole thing was done via facebook.

what do you do?

i’m thinking bourbon, in the short term…


Comments: 0 - Date: November 27th, 2007 - Categories: music, things i say

to the stunning readhead sitting across from me on the q train, with ipod earbuds in and the slightest, most captivating grin:

here we sit, two people on their morning commute, carving out our solitary spaces amongst everyone else on the train. i’m still waking up, listening to aimee mann’s “lost in space,” mouthing along to the lyrics, giving in to the music, and sneaking glances at you. once or twice you catch me, and the curve of your smile gets a little bigger, maybe recognizing that we’re both coping with the packed rush hour train in the same way, but more likely because i look ridiculous, mouthing along to a song only i can hear. your smile is so honest, so beautiful, so captivating, that i can’t look away, and have to close my eyes, really getting into the chorus of “invisible ink,” wondering what it is on your ipod that can make you smile like that. i open my eyes, asking myself how socially inappropriate it would be to just start talking to a stranger on the subway, only to find an empty seat across from me.

i’m sorry i didn’t get a chance to ask you, but i know i wouldn’t have anyway.

i guess that’s what i’m really apologizing for.

a list

Comments: 1 - Date: October 6th, 2007 - Categories: music, things i say

things i am into right now:

  • the guy on the 2 train home a few weeks ago reading the economist wearing the exact same “fat-albert-ass headphones” i wear every day
  • early tom waits albums, big star, the beta band, aimee mann, nick drake
  • the associated grocery store on my walk home from the train
  • visiting the above a little too frequently so i can have a respectable kitchen to cook in
  • eating nothing but homemade food at least one day a week
  • the balcony-porch-type-thing at my new apartment: i spend a good 80% of my time at home out there
  • having roommates, and siting on the above-mentioned porch, drinking beer and talking about things that don’t involve theatre in the slightest
  • brooklyn lager and miller high life (see above)
  • not having to leave the apartment tomorrow if i don’t want to
  • tonight’s extravagant dinner at the west bank with d and em

i’m starting to think a better title for this blog might have been “the stunningly quotidian.”

awkward pause

Comments: 0 - Date: October 4th, 2007 - Categories: things i say

so there has been a slight lull in postings here… is it sad that i have to look at my iCal to figure out what i’ve been doing for the past two months?

so, just a few days after my last post, my iBook was stolen out of my bag in a bar after rehearsal, two days before tech for my show at playwrights, and i was much more traumatized than i care to admit. then, the designer for that show ended up not coming down after all, so i took over his design, only to watch it fail sort of spectacularly at the invited dress (as i had warned the director it might two weeks earlier). so, i redesigned the bulk of the show overnight, and spent the entire (lengthy) preview process playing catch-up. in the end, designing a show at playwrights was a huge deal for me, and the show was great, even if i felt like my design was rushed and unfinished.

somewhere in there, i signed a lease on an apartment, which is even more of a huge deal for me than designing a show at playwrights. for the first time since i left louisville on tour with the rachel’s in september of 2003, i have a permanent living situation. my roommates are great, the apartment (second floor of a house in crown heights) is great, and living in a neighborhood that i can call home for longer than a few months is, well, great. the house warming party will be in october, and i can promise it will be an evening not to be missed.

a day after moving in, i promptly flew to the dublin fringe festival with the TEAM (where the show won best production, and libby took home a best performer award). i’ll say this about the irish: they are serious about all the right things. leaving out the beer and whiskey, irish butter and dubliner cheese are nothing short of astounding. i was only there for a few days, but it was a great to be back on the road with my company.

then i headed straight home to kentucky for nick’s wedding. she and i have been best friends since the fourth grade, and i was so proud to be in her wedding. jonathan is a great guy, and they make a perfect couple, in a completely non-sickeing way. it was good to be home and see the folks for the first time since new years, but i wish i had been around a little longer, seen some friends, and enjoyed louisville, which i still miss dearly.

i flew right back to new york for the opening of the show at playwrights at the west bank, which was fantastic because i got to drink for free all night at my favorite bar, and i got an excuse to get all dolled up, which i don’t feel people do often enough anymore. i wish i owned more than one suit, and i wish i didn’t wear jeans everyday, but i don’t think i could pull off wearing a suit to tech every day. i still think everyone would be much sexier if we didn’t dress so casually all of the time, though.

and that was my supposed down time: now the craziness of the season begins…

(wow, so, that was mundane and long. i guess i’m trying to make up for not posting by filling up space. sorry)

just another saturday night

Comments: 0 - Date: August 12th, 2007 - Categories: music, things i say

so, more than a month without a post… not that anyone should be all that surprised. i found a draft of a post called “ow my liver” about a wonderful but very drunken weekend with the vanya and st. joan casts, steve cramer, and emily and entourage for her birthday. the few nights with steve were epic, and have been dubbed “all cramer’s- eve” and “steve cramer day.”


last night, after rehearsals, miki and i headed across the street to the west bank to blow off some steam (and how). zoe and janel were there as well, and ken was behind the bar, so, of course, a good time was had by all.

the best part of the evening, though, was the cab ride home. after packing miki off in a cab, i hopped in the next one as the radio announced a piece (whose title i didn’t hear) “conducted by leonard bernstein.” i asked the cabbie to turn it up, and we blissed our way up the west side highway until the piece was finished. for the rest of the drive, he only wanted to talk about west side story, which seems to me as a rather odd conversation to have with a cabbie, but was enjoyable nonetheless. i only remember agreeing with whatever he was saying while straining to hear the radio he had turned down, responding every once in a while when something he said broke my focus on the burried music.

i have to say: some of my favorite new york experiences have been cab rides.

oh, and, as a public service announcement, don’t try to watch a subtitled movie at 2am after a heavy-handed bartender has pouring for you.


Comments: 0 - Date: June 28th, 2007 - Categories: music, things i say

asa got rach and i tickets to horizion at nytw last night and, aside of getting bumped from row g to row a, it was an evening that sorta made me fall back in love with seeing theatre (not that i’d fallen out with theatre, but i sometimes find it hard to enjoy a performance when i spend most of my waking hours making theatre). it was inventive, interesting, and both smart and clever. i rarely see music worked into straight plays well, much less as effortlessly and intrinsically as these seemingly virtuosic performers wove it into each moment in the show. from an exacting score to naked and honest barbershop quartets to rinde’s heartstopping aria, the whole event woke me up to what i can and should be doing as a sound designer. we don’t have to pander to people to get them into the theatre, and good theatre doesn’t have be to exclusive of a wide audience.

if there were more works like this, i would go to the theatre more often.

as a side note, it looks like it might be turning into the summer of tom waits for me.