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laying low

Comments: 0 - Date: June 20th, 2007 - Categories: movies, things i say

the doldrums of the summer find me finally cooling my heels back in new york, recovering from working in two countries and three time zones in the past eight weeks. so i’m camping out at d’s apartment, pulling the dvds off his shelves and watching the featurettes and documentaries, but not the actual films. this has lead to a lot of realizations, the chief of which is “i wanna be ben burtt!” (walter murch is pretty badass too).

yes, i’m finding motivation lacking. this always happens when i burn out and then have time on my hands. at least i finally got my mail set up for ssl correctly (editing the bsd host file in terminal is fun!) (ok, i’m a big ol’ geek), but i’m afraid i’ve also become a bit of a facebook whore, which can’t be seemly of someone not in college.

it has been nice taking time to see some friends, though. an actual sit-down dinner with danielle and brad just to catch up was socially refreshing: just chatting around a couple of pitchers of sangria, no rushing. got to hang with asa for the better chunk of yesterday after a production meeting, chatting away and playing each other music over the house rig at nytw. then em and i met up for afternoon drinks, and dinner at around the clock before heading up to check out her apartment which i hadn’t seen since move in day. as i waited out the rain there, we kept chatting, and i realized that i don’t actually talk to my friends much anymore, certainly not in person.

so i resolve to make plans to actually see my friends more, because i realize i’m kinda a lousy friend.

you’re a handsome devil. what’s your name?

Comments: 0 - Date: December 31st, 2006 - Categories: movies, music, things i say

watching grosse pointe blank and remembering how amazing it is. the sound supervision and editing blows me away (listen to when he walks in the ultimart for the first time). then realizing that i dreamt about dancing some ballet in my dream last night for some production that kevin moriarty was directing. very odd. and also, to round out the randomness, rick was in town between the holidays and got me thinking about how to work drunken four-square into the TEAM’s next fundraiser. damn, the dialog in this movie is good. oh, and i can’t stop listening to saint elsewhere.